Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bag your leaves for goodness sake!

Written  on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 7:09pm

Driving back to our new home in VA today I noticed that most of our neighbors had trash bags out. Knowing that the "real" trash has to be in bins I looked closer and noticed that these trash bags were full of leaves and other natural materials that had been rounded up from their lawns. Now this may, and I use that loosely, be necessary if you live in a community with houses stacked on top of each other or if you live in a condo but that isn't the case where we live. Everyone, yes, everyone has a pretty big yard bordered by the forest or at least a small part of it. So why have someone haul it away? Makes no sense to me. Why take your lawn clippings, leaves, or sticks and ship them away in a plastic bag to some landfill? Seems even more absurd as these people are directly responsible for choosing to turn something natural into pollution.

But why do it? Really? Why? Does that pile in the woods just turn your stomach? Are we so OCD that we must get rid of as much as we can to make it all look as manicured as we can? Hmmmm-

Kind of makes me wanna run through yards during the fall and kick leaf piles all over the place-

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