Thursday, February 10, 2011

Real life cowboy-

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 2:06pm

I watch him move. I watch him shake the hands of other men; he's always seems bigger; always stronger than they are. When I least expect it, he tosses me a candy from inside his black suit. I'm pretty sure he's the only one that has these candies. Where do they come from? He turns and asks, "You comin' partner?" I nod with a smile. Are you kidding me? Of course I'm coming!

He's a real life cowboy- I watched him fight a horse and not even flinch. Watched as he's disassembled his guns on the table and said they'd be mine someday. Who wouldn't want to be his partner? He wakes before the chickens to toss hay bales and break ice in the buckets. I've got to be there with him. He walks fast. Maybe someday I can walk that fast. He speaks to the horses as if he knows them. But I guess he knows everyone and everything . . .

We finish up chores and head back to the house. I'm exhausted but he doesn't seem tired at all. He smiles and smacks me on the shoulder. "Want some breakfast?" he asks. "Ya, grandpa. I'd love some!" He always makes the best breakfast. Grandma already has sticky buns waiting. In a single motion, he flings his coat onto the hook, opens the fridge and grabs the eggs. Everything is so easy for him! In a moment, the kitchen is full of the aroma of family-

"Sit on down bud. Breakfast will be ready in a second- Want some toast?" Before I can answer he already has it in the toaster. I smile at dad as he plops down next to me. We exchange a smile. I think he can read the enjoyment all over my face. Before I can even finish my orange juice, grandpa asks if I want more. That's how it is between us- he's always busy but he never seems to forget my presence. It's as if he has a sixth Sean-sense.


I cherish the memories of my grandpa- he was what all boys need in their grandfathers. I wish I could be that same strength for him now as he battles cancer. As his once invincible body fails, I want him to feel that security . . . I hope he feels that same love that he so often gave.

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