Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your collage-

Written on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 at 7:57 a.m.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          A bunch of snapshots- some burned permanently into the mind, others fleeting, but all are the ingredients in this shepherds pie we call life. 

It seems like these moments have been more noticeable as of late. Time has slowed down- kind of like when you're in the zone while playing your favorite sport. Everything is clear and it feels like you can see all the others players and predict their movement; your senses are firing- your awareness is a level above. Truly surreal if you've ever been there. Feels like I've been there in life. Not that I'm doing great things professionally or spiritually but just that I'm "seeing it all." Life is in 3D or so it seems-l

But anyway, the most recent moment happened yesterday while talking with a student about several bad choices that were made this past weekend. He hasn't quite grasp the concept that he's moving into a time in life where there aren't any "freebies." All bad choices have a price- some can change your life trajectory in the completely wrong direction. But he doesn't see that. Many people don't see that. They just make a decision NOW! But that "now" leads to the next "now", which leads to the next and so on whether positive or negative. And then before long they don't even remember where they were headed or what they believed in the beginning.

These snapshots are all part of the larger life collage! When you view life and it's subtleties like that, then the insignificant becomes significant- that's when the change happens.

From my experience, it's good and bad to take notice of the many snapshots. Some are brilliant while many are tragic- you can see the writing on the wall for so many people. You can see in their eyes and decisions that they're way behind the ball. Their life collage is so full of chaos and mistake that all they feel they have are the snapshots- NOW! It's almost habit, as if they've completely forgotten that each is connected. Tomorrow- what's that? Legacy? What's that?

So what's your photo collage going to look like? Are you going to have to photo shop out a bunch of images so it looks a little prettier? Or are you going to look at it as a whole and say, "Nice. It's not perfect but it looks beautiful to me! No regrets-"

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