Thursday, February 10, 2011

Craigslist resume-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Written on Friday, September 18, 2009 at 4:56pm
                                        "Disclaimer"-The below is all true; no fiction or embellishment, I swear!


As many of you know, getting this coffee bar off the ground started off easy but came to a grinding halt when it mattered most. Nat and I had prepared financially as best as we could but sometimes that just isn't enough. Amidst the frustration, there has been some intermittent moments of comedy; actually a lot of it. Now, we all know that running out of money makes all of life seem a bit overwhelming. All of a sudden the financial desperation drives the joy out of some great moments- but when you realize the lengths you'll go to to ease the pressure, it just has to make you smile.

Nat and I have gone where few dare to venture during the past few weeks in an attempt to make some money: CRAIGSLIST! I know many people hate it due to the illicit activity but it's actually a great tool if you need temporary work. I wanted to share with you our "resume":

We either completed, waiting on, or have applied for the below temporary jobs . . .

1) expert in the art of hip hop- job description finding new talent
*I am not an expert and rarely listen to rap but I think I could weed out the wanna be's ; )

2) couple to be servers at a private party/Clambake in Potomac
*whatever- we can be some rich guys servants for a couple hours; the only requirement was that we be attractive.

3) dressed up as a mascot for a PBS event
*don't have to talk; just move around and act goofy . . .Nat wants to do that ; )

4) various research panels- from web design to body lotion
*might as well get moisturized while we make some money; hopefully we're not allergic

5) Kia event- talk to people about a new car
*sure, as long as they don't ask me anything about the engine

6) many ads for male swimsuit models- JUST KIDDING ABOUT THIS ONE!!!

7) childcare for an 11 month old for 4 days
*she got bad diaper rash because Nat didn't change her enough- ha!

8) Nat cutting off all her hair for $800 to be used for dolls
*I said NO WAY!

So yes- these are the oh so humbling tasks we have undertaken in order to someday serve amazing coffee/espresso to the masses!

How glorious the process of opening a small business ; )

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